Kenton can hardly believe that Jolene is ready to sell up.

Radio Times: Lilian finds refuge at Jaxx and Freddie begins to worry.

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  • Oh dear, Freddy has mucked up his exam today – and he didn’t know until his brighter sister pointed it out. David has returned to check vaccination records and he would like a word with Elizabeth but, once again, this is not the moment.
  • How long can Lilian spin out a coffee? She has sought peace and quiet in Jaxx to do some thinking.
  • Jill takes the opportunity to catch up with David. He is concerned about what to do with Nigel’s hunter, Topper – a fine beast but no good to Lower Loxley now. He is in denial about the troubles at Brookfield though he admits his stupid mistake yesterday. Jill offers to talk to Elizabeth but no, David will do it; though it is clear that Elizabeth has not moved at all on the idea of getting someone in to take over Nigel’s duties. Jill fears for her daughter’s health.
  • After administering the promised treats to the twins, Elizabeth assures them, Freddy in particular, that she will be proud of them whatever the outcome of these exams; their daddy would have been too. They see David disappearing homeward, so Elizabeth concludes that it couldn’t have been anything important that he wanted to say!
  • Lilian has made a decision – that Matt is right. She decides to tell Kenton, in strictest confidence of course. Kenton cannot believe that Jolene has gone for the idea of closing The Bull. He plans to call in but Lilian informs him that Jolene has gone off to Westerbridge with a girl friend, possibly overnight. It seems she cannot wait to leave Ambridge.

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