David orders security cameras. Amy still resists any reconciliation with Usha.

Radio Times: David takes action and Alan is keen to celebrate.

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  • Perhaps it’s the issue with Amy that’s troubling her; Usha is awake early. When Alan returns from Penny Hassett, she is still in bed; she heard Amy moving about, so avoided an unnecessary confrontation. They realise that Amy is running rings round them. For Usha’s 50th birthday, Alan suggests The Bull Upstairs. Will Amy want to be there?
  • At Brookfield, David is researching security camera systems. He and Ruth think they should tell Pip but not the younger children. Ben is packed off to watch the cricket with his gran; they would not be able to keep an eye on him at home but David must make sure he is available to collect him later. David is determined not to let the threatening thugs win. They have Farm Sunday to plan, though it’s the last thing Ruth wants to be doing just now.
  • Alan takes the opportunity to broach the subject of Usha’s birthday with Amy; would she help him to plan it? Amy doesn’t want anything to do with Usha – and she won’t do it for dad either. She says she can’t help it; her father’s suggestion that she can sends her off in a huff. Alas, Usha was close by and overheard the exchange; Alan is so sorry.

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