Amy becomes further entrenched in self-pity. David becomes further entrenched in denial.

Radio Times: Ruth is unnerved, and Amy remains immovable.

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  • Alice tries to persuade Amy to come to the DJ night with her and Chris, but Amy prefers to wallow in sullen anger. After much coaxing she agrees to come over and have a girly session with Alice first.
  • As Ruth sweeps up glass from the broken lights, Alan appears to tell her he found a field gate open and cows on the road. David was at the far end of the field. Ruth asks after Amy, and Alan tells her how hard it is trying to reunite Usha and Amy. Sometimes he wonders if the rift will ever heal. Ruth reminds him of the Pip and Jude saga; sometimes you just have to give things time.
  • At last David has rung the police who will send someone over for a forensic investigation. David is seemingly still unable to link the three events. Ruth is anxious that the children should not find out about the lights.
  • Alan manages to get Amy out for a walk on Lakey Hill, but Amy utterly refuses to consider anyone else’s point of view or feelings, and storms off when Alan tells her that Usha loves her. She finds Alice making up beds in the caravans, and says she wishes she could stay there and not go home. Alice tries to make Amy see reason, but she refuses to listen.
  • The forensic team take the newspaper away, but David remains convinced it was local kids who shot the lights out. When Ruth tells him about the field gate, David dismisses it. He must have forgotten to close it. Then the phone rings. The mystery caller warns Ruth to take care now that the yard is dark.

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