Elona stands her ground. Lilian stands her ground. Ruth stands her ground.

Radio Times: Darrell asks a difficult question. Meanwhile, David is in the dark.

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  • Darrell arrives home to find Elona cutting Tom and Brenda’s hedge. He is angry, saying people are taking advantage of her. Despite this, Darrell is in a good mood; Matt has paid him for some work and he has £50 towards Anna’s keyboard. Elona thinks Matt should pay him a regular wage, not cash in hand; Darrell is unwilling to rock the boat now that Matt is giving him a lot of work. Elona stands her ground. He must go back to Matt and ask for things to be above board.
  • Ben gives David a hand with the silage clamp. Oliver and Eddie have been worth their weight in gold during silaging. Meanwhile Ruth is nervous about David going to the NFU meeting, so she will barricade herself in the house.
  • As Matt and Lilian set off to meet a surveyor, Darrell arrives to ask about his pay. Anxious to be rid of him, Matt agrees to think about it. Afterwards Lilian accuses Matt of not meaning what he said. She wants to keep Darrell because he is a good workman. Matt knows that with his criminal record, Darrell is unlikely to find work elsewhere. But Lilian is aware that if Elona is upset, she will hear about it from Peggy. Matt tells her flatly this is not the right time to take someone onto the payroll. Lilian informs him this particular conversation is by no means over.
  • David is late getting home, to find that the security lights are not working. They appear to have been shot out with an air rifle. Ruth begs him to ring the police, but David seems totally unable to accept that this is linked to the phone call and the newspaper incident. Ruth refuses to listen, and begs David to report it all to the police.

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