Ifty works the team hard. Nic finds it hard to let go.

Radio Times: Ifty puts the cricket team through their paces. Meanwhile, Nic discovers her true feelings.

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  • As she sets off with Henry and Rowan for an indoor play centre, Helen tells Clarrie about Tom’s relief over getting some help with the milking, so that he can focus on the ready meals. Clarrie seems to think spicy meat balls might not appeal to Joe.
  • The Ambridge cricketers gather for a drink before nets. Rhys comes in for some teasing after his performance at the weekend. Chris moans about Amy’s constant presence in the cottage. She was there until 11 last night.
  • In town, Nic meets Helen and gives her some help with the two babies. Over coffee she admits that her purpose today was to take bags of baby things to the charity shop, but once she had parked she couldn’t be bothered to walk, so she is shopping instead.
  • At nets, Ifty makes the team work hard. He praises Chris, saying he is an asset with both bat and ball, but is not pleased when Will leaves early because he needs to have a meal before returning to work. Will takes it in unusually good part.
  • Nic tells Clarrie that she lied to Helen; the real reason for not dropping the bags at the charity shop was not being able to part with Mia’s baby things. Clarrie thinks she should speak to Will about it. Meanwhile Clarrie will babysit so they can go out tomorrow.
  • Will asks why the bags are still in the house. Nic tells him she wants to have a baby, but just one. Will is overjoyed. One will be perfect.

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