Amy keeps up the pressure. Adam keeps the garden trim. Brad and Chelsea are about to keep rats.

Radio Times: Adam enjoys the simple life and Tracy gets a present.

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  • Following a visit from Lynda, Adam gets busy clearing the garden. He and Ian will go shopping for some new plants to fill the gaps; Adam finds that he is surprisingly keen on Ambridge in Bloom.
  • Keith calls on Tracy to show her some swatches for Chelsea’s bridesmaid’s dress and to bring the children a present – two pet rats. Tracy is delighted. Brad and Chelsea have always wanted a pet, but almost immediately one of the rats disappears under the sofa and refuses to come out.
  • Usha and Alan do a supermarket shop for the ingredients for the sweet potato curry he promised Amy. Usha is very tense, and asks Alan if Amy realises Usha will be at the meal. Alan assures her that Amy does know, but then admits he failed to spell it out. Usha makes him phone Amy to make sure she knows.
  • Ian and Adam enjoy lunch at the new cattle market, though Adam is tired after their plant buying. He is greatly looking forward to going to Trent Bridge, though Ian seems not to share his enthusiasm.
  • Alan makes a real effort with the meal, lighting candles and cooking Amy’s favourite dish. He feels it is the first step to reconciliation, but Amy is late. Then she texts him saying she is going to Alice’s. Maybe he could keep her some curry for later.

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