Alan tries to unite the family. Someone tries to warn David off.

Radio Times: Alan tries his powers of persuasion, while David cannot believe his eyes.

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  • A surly and ungracious Amy complains that Usha woke her up and then rejects Alan’s suggestion of meeting up with Usha for coffee. She says she is spending the morning in bed, but later goes to help Alice at the Farmer’s Market.
  • Oliver is looking forward to helping David with silaging. It was his phone call which caused Ruth concern when Ben tried to answer it. He encounters Lynda in the shop, airing her distinctly limited familiarity with things Nordic. She is dismissive when Oliver tells her that Patrick and Kirsty are setting up a night camera, as they think the mystery animal is a wild boar.
  • Amy and Alice have little success in selling Home Farm venison, and Alice is less than pleased when Lynda tells her it is all to do with Brian’s plans for his large-scale industrial enterprise. Amy keeps up her litany of misery and self-pity, despite Alice’s attempts to cheer her up. Then Alan appears, and desperately tries to persuade Amy to come for a family meal. Worn down by Alan’s persistence, she agrees, reluctantly, to come tomorrow evening.
  • David drops in to Brookfield to fetch his drink. When he goes out again, he immediately rings Ruth. Someone has left a copy of the Echo on his tractor seat, folded to show the account of the attack on Adam. It is a warning. Ruth thinks they should ring the police, but David refuses.

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