Tony makes a big decision. Ruth receives a phone call.

Radio Times: Bert plans a celebration, while Tony takes everyone by surprise.

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  • After the threatening call, Ruth admits to feeling edgy whenever the phone rings, though she refuses to feel bullied by it. David is determined not to let Adam down. Jill calls his mobile to ask for details of the slurry tank christening, which Bert has told her about. David is somewhat short with her, but luckily is able to cut Jill short when Tom arrives.
  • As usual, Tom seems to have plenty of time to tell David how busy he is, and apologises for not being able to help David with the silaging. David tells him that they must get more help at Bridge Farm.
  • As Pat and Tony inspect the new polytunnels, Pat urges Tony to leave more to Tom. She reminds him that rescuing Bridge Farm from the brink of ruin was a family effort, and it is now for Tom and Helen to be given their heads. If they fail to do this they may well lose Tom. Tony admits to being afraid to step back and fears ending up like Bert, pottering about doing odd jobs, but Pat reminds him that they are now the older generation and must let their children take the lead.
  • Tom walks the pasture with Tony, and is overjoyed when his father suggests getting in a relief afternoon milker. That will enable him to follow up the new projects – but Tony still lays claim to the big office chair.
  • A disgruntled Bert eventually turns up to christen the new tank. Ambridge were virtually annihilated at cricket, and Ifty will not be pleased. The tank is christened in milk, but the Brookfielders toast it in champagne.
  • When the phone rings at Brookfield, Ben rushes to answer it. Ruth snatches it from his hand, and asks who is calling …

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