Peggy tells Tony he must hire some help – for the good of the farm. David gets an anonymous phone call threatening his family if he doesn’t back off from identifying the thugs who attacked Adam.

Radio Times: Peggy speaks her mind, and David gets an unexpected call.

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  • Pip is getting ready for her first trip out with Gourmet Grills. Tony is still getting confused about farm business. Tom is trying to deal with it all but Tony isn’t interested in any new innovations such as the new polytunnel or a new promotion Tom has arranged. But Tom has great plans for the polytunnel – aubergines and peppers etc. It will make such a difference. Peggy points out to Tom that things are the wrong way round. Tom should be pushing the business in the office and Tony out on the farm but he doesn’t have any choice. Tony can’t work on the farm and so that’s that. Once Tom has left Peggy takes a chance to raise the issues with Tony. It’s not just about his heart attack, it’s time for Tony to give him more responsibility. He’s the same age as Tony and Pat were when they went organic and he needs to have his head. She insists Tony needs to hire some help. Once Tom is running things it will pay for itself.
  • David and Ruth are getting things straight at Brookfield. The silage has gone well and the slurry tank is ready for use. David is sure something will go wrong. David is a bit worried about Pip burning herself out but her college work is going well and it’s good she is earning some money. So horror of horror, it looks like Ruth and David are heading for Special Cuddles – until David falls asleep. Then there is a phone call with a direct threat to the family if he doesn’t back off from identifying the thugs who attacked Adam.

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