Alan and Usha make up but Joe is furious that Mr Pullen will be cutting the cake.

Radio Times: Joe is keen to solve a mystery. Meanwhile, Usha makes the first move.

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  • Joe is trying to convince Ed he should be the elder statesman to cut the cake when Ed notices the ground has been churned up again. Maybe it might have been the Ambridge monster. Ed rings Will to see if he has seen anything but nothing so far.
  • Clarrie is helping Nic get ready for the cake cutting too though she isn’t that confident she can do the cooking. She is having a clear out of the kids’ old clothes but is still hanging onto a lot of stuff that brings back memories. While she is doing it, Mia finds some toys she thinks she has grown out too including Mr Penguin.
  • Usha tries to have a conversation with Alan. She tell him he is excluding her. She has admitted she handled things badly but she isn’t the enemy. He doesn’t even kiss her good night anymore. Alan suddenly realises he has been shutting her out and Usha says she just wants them to deal with it together. Alan promises that they will sort it out somehow.
  • Joe is furious. The WI Committee has decided Mr Pullen is going to cut the cake. Joe just wonders what will happen if he is cut short.

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