Alan and Amy are still hostile to Usha and she is getting more and more upset.

Radio Times: Amy will not concede. Meanwhile, Josh gets teased.

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  • Amy is busy at work and Alan tries to encourage her to be cheerful. But the tears come again – as long as Usha isn’t in the room. Alan isn’t doing much better with Usha either. Alan and Amy plan to watch Toy Story together and Usha doesn’t feel part of it so goes for a walk. Later Alan tries to talk about Usha to Amy but she just blocks him.
  • The people who attacked Adam have been charged and are on remand. David is amazed that Lynda has been having a go at him about the state of his garden.
  • Josh convinces Phoebe to join the cricket training when she gets back from South Africa. David drags him out to find wood for the Jubilee Beacon and takes the opportunity to tease him about Phoebe.
  • Usha has a chat with Ruth. She is blaming herself. She did let Carl take advantage but there is nothing she can do. It’s like treading on egg shells all the time. Ruth tells her things will get better but even Alan is barely speaking to her. Usha should tell Alan how she is feeling. He can’t keep treating her like this.

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