Lynda takes on Adam and Tom in her mission for Britain in Bloom.

Radio Times: Lynda has high expectations, and Darrell enjoys a windfall.

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  • Tom is excited at the arrival of his new polytunnel. Jazzer is less thrilled at moving the pig arcs. He’s been up since 4 but Tom claims he has been too. Jazzer is definitely not paying attention at work though.
  • Adam is pleased the men who attacked him have been charged but he can’t summon up much enthusiasm. He remembers so little about it. Lynda turns up brandishing egg shells. The peregrines must have hatched some chicks. She also tries to take the opportunity to harangue him but Adam escapes home, only for her to catch up with him later. Lynda is concerned about who will cut the giant cake and thinks it should be the Lord Lieutenant but Jennifer thinks he’ll be too busy – maybe it should be an elder from the village. Adam is dozing off but that doesn’t stop Lynda having a go about the state of his garden.
  • Elona is annoyed that Darrell has taken more cash in hand work from Matt. She thinks he should get it on a proper footing but Darrell doesn’t think he can. At least it is work and he thought Elona would be pleased. While they are quarrelling, they overhear Lynda having a go at Tom to clear up his garden too. He says he hasn’t got time when Elona and Darrell step in and say they will do it. Lynda thanks them as fine upstanding members of the community.

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