Lynda and Kenton can’t agree on competitiveness for the Jubilee but Lynda is very keen on it for Britain in Bloom.

Radio Times: There is a sporting theme at the Bull, and Roy is in a competitive mood.

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  • Elizabeth is worrying about her quarterly targets. Business isn’t great. And Roy is beginning to be rather put upon and won’t be home in time to babysit so Hayley misses the fete meeting. But Roy takes on more by suggesting entering Lower Loxley wine for Wine of the Year. It’s what Nigel would have wanted.
  • Kenton is trying to invent Jubilee Cocktails for The Bull. So far it isn’t going well so asking Jill to try it mightn’t be a good plan. It is revolting. But Kenton has lots of ideas for games for the celebrations. A caterpillar race and welly throwing contest. Lynda isn’t at all convinced – even by the podium and the medal ceremony. Lynda still wants something for the non competitive. Jill suggests additional awards such as for sportsmanlike behaviour but Lynda remains unconvinced.
  • Later Kenton forces a cocktail on Lynda which she claims is delicious and he makes her drink it all. It certainly doesn’t make a discussion with Jill about Britain in Bloom very professional. She wants Jill to make Adam and Tom tidy up their houses but Jill is more worried about Lynda cycling home.

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