David’s 50. Jolene realises it’s not Wayne she want but youth.

Radio Times: Sid strikes while the iron’s hot at the Bull.

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  • The clinic told David his sample’s compacted and he tells Ruth the first thing to have done is a full soil analysis. He’s also guessed her surprise; the freezer’s empty so Mum’s bringing the food round, isn’t she.
  • Sid finds Jolene ironing his shirt, except it’s Wayne’s. She’s doing it so Wayne looks nice for a shared house viewing tonight. Sid’s furious. Jolene keeps using Fallon as a reason for Wayne being here but Sid’s not fooled; it’s Jolene that wants Wayne here and has done all along.
  • Jolene talks to Lilian and comes to see that it’s not Wayne she wants but to be young again. Lilian tells her Sid’s the one for her and he’s been very patient.
  • David’s surprised to find Jill arrive with only a small present, and Phil’s not unloading dinner from the boot. He unwraps the gift to find a blindfold and is then driven around the countryside in circles before ending up at Lower Locksley. Nigel’s banner “Happy Birthday David” marks the start of his 50th birthday meal with all the family. David thinks he’s going to like being 50.

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