David’s meeting with Sophie runs over and Ruth’s patience runs thin.

Radio Times: David leaves Ruth high and dry.

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  • David has a meeting with Sophie today, even though it is Josh’s birthday and there is a lot to do.
  • Helen’s mystery customer has paid another call on Ambridge Organics, clearly drawn there by more than vegetables. They introduce themselves; he is Ross Kirby, a reporter on The Echo. He is much more impressed with Helen than with the prat he met in Ambridge. He had tried to muscle in on all the photographs at the F&P Show with an advertising T-shirt; that would be brother Tom.
  • David’s meeting with Sophie seems hardly necessary: she has done all the work and has everything prepared. So he will be home on time? Not before they have shared some wine and some fond memories.
  • Back at the ranch, so to speak, Ruth is getting rather worked up. Sam helps out by lighting the reluctant barbecue. If David doesn’t come back soon he will be on the barbecue!
  • So by the time he does get home, Ruth is fuming and he has to endure some barbed comments about ambling down memory lane and reeking of wine; how touching that Sophie remembered David’s birthday; right now Ruth is concerned only with their son’s birthday.

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