At last a message from Madds – but something is wrong.

Radio Times: Adam plays the prophet of doom.

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  • Neil does not need any help with Oliver’s milking – not from Ed anyway. Ed is not impressed with the way he handles the cows; they need a gentle voice.
  • When Elizabeth arrives at Home Farm to talk party (Alice’s) she just catches Adam and her reminder about the Brookfield barley is not well received. Jennifer needs a dress for the party and Elizabeth suggests looking on Sophie’s website.
  • Ed is making himself useful at Grange Farm, dressing a field. Oliver would like to pay him something but … Ed assures him that anything he receives will not go the same way as the last lot. Neil had not mentioned seeing Ed – but then he wouldn’t. Ed voices his concerns about Neil; he is a pig man really. Oliver makes it clear that, until a long term solution comes up, he needs Neil – imperfections or not.
  • Neil is a busy man: he is also helping Adam out and is despatched to Brookfield to finish off there. Ian calls with news: he has had a call from Madds who is coming on Sunday. Ian is expecting some full and frank discussions. When he has gone, Adam shares his misgivings with his mother: how can Madds have been too busy even to pick up the phone; something is not right.

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