Madds has changed her mind. She’s fallen in love with a new man who might father her child.

Radio Times: The waiting’s over for Ian and Adam.

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  • Bert is impressed at Robert’s ability to fix the roof at Ambridge Hall. But Bert thinks he might be able to help with fixing Robert’s car. Bert is less impressed at Alan’s idea of a modern Parable of the Talents but Robert thinks Lynda might be more into money making schemes.
  • After a long wait, Madds turns up to talk to Ian. She is all into telling stories of her trip away. And then she admits, even though she wasn’t looking for it, she’s fallen in love – with Oz. So she’s changed her mind and so Ian isn’t part of the picture anymore. Madds thinks their plans were all just part of getting carried away in the heat of the moment but Ian is not impressed. Madds now wants to go ahead with a baby with her new lover and Ian tries to be brave but he isn’t too sure.
  • Ambridge does well at the cricket. And Robert sees some opportunities for doing more work. Why would he need a job when he could do things like reroofing the cricket pavilion?

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