David takes over as NFU Branch Chairman.

Radio Times: It’s an exhausting day for the Brookfield residents. Meanwhile, Lilian seeks some business advice.

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  • Time to get up, David! The extra burden of running Lower Loxley is taking its toll and David has overslept – to 7am! It’s a big day too; Ruth is already milking but Brian is coming again to help.
  • Conscious that he is going to Brenda’s surprise birthday party, busy Adam tries recruiting less-busy Lilian to get him a present – not perhaps the best person to ask. Lilian reports that progress is slow with Amside and, in confidence, she tells him about Jolene wanting to leave The Bull; her heart isn’t in it. Matt has plans to turn it into flats, an idea that Lilian hates.
  • David is late back from Lower Loxley. Ruth will drive them to the NFU dinner, where David is due to take over as Chairman. When the formal part is over, Ruth is full of praise and David is relieved that he stayed awake. He is comfortable now to have a drink. On the way home, though, Ruth finds that she is talking to herself. David’s day has caught up with him.

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