Kathy’s welcome at Bridge Farm is curtailed. Shula is feeling Nigel’s loss too.

Radio Times: Pat broaches a delicate topic and Jim has a bone to pick with Joe.

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  • The village shop is so handy for last-minute things; Jill needs cream because she is dining at The Stables and a pavlova is her contribution. Jim is happy to serve her but when Joe comes in, he wants a word.
  • Shula finds Elizabeth in pensive mood. Neil has been in touch: he wants to ring a Quarter Peal in honour of Nigel next Sunday evening. Elizabeth reports that the twins are a bit quiet but support each other as twins do. They discuss the twins’ forthcoming interview at the Cathedral School; both are taking something related to Nigel to talk about.
  • Jim is cross about Joe’s use – or abuse – of his research on Druidic rituals; he thought Joe was really interested in the subject for its own sake. He fears for his reputation if it becomes known that he did the research behind Joe’s antics. So they must stop. Joe agrees and will give Jim’s apple tree the treatment as recompense – without chanting.
  • At Bridge Farm, Kathy is a dinner guest – again; she is moaning about Jamie – again, this time about his lack of interest in ‘A’ levels and college. Of course she is welcome but Pat points out that things will be somewhat different next week when Helen brings the baby home. Perhaps Kathy could cut her dinner visits down to one per week. Kathy is taken aback but gets the message.
  • Jim has found Jill’s purse in the shop and, remembering her plan for the evening, he delivers it to The Stables. He interrupts Jill consoling Shula, who misses Nigel so much but doesn’t feel she has the right; she knew him for a very long time and he was always a good supportive friend. What else could Shula do but invite her father-in-law to stay for supper; a surprised Jim is pleased to accept: it will provide an opportunity to talk to Daniel about his ‘A’ level choices.

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