Day one of the trial and first blood to the defence.

Radio Times: The case for the prosecution.

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  • The first day in court and the prosecution starts by laying out its case, that Tommy committed the crime and that the likely defence of lawful excuse is going to be countered with proof of bravado and common criminality – Pat has trouble listening to her son described in such terms.
  • Satya and Marjorie are out walking and, inevitably, the talk gets on to the trial. Marjorie slightly confused by the contradictory Brian. On the one hand, they’re walking through the Millennium wood which was planted on land donated by Brian, yet on the other he planted a crop of GMO and is in court today to give evidence. Marjorie’s also concerned that her involvement in the roads protest might go against her when she’s called as a character witness, but Satya thinks that Usha doesn’t need to know.
  • Peggy arrives at the court, having been over at Home Farm this morning trying to keep the peace – Brian’s fuming, having been relaxed after a great time in Paris, and Tony loves the story of him almost being arrested!
  • Bealetech’s Technical Director, Michael Parrish, is on the stand and explaining that the crop that was destroyed meant that the data for that field were not significant, potentially putting that product back a year. There’s more anti and pro statements, but when crossed by the defence counsel, he’s put on the spot when it’s shown that while alleging that they monitor the effects of the crop on the locality, they aren’t measuring in a particularly diverse way. He’s really on the back foot and Tommy’s supporters sense this witness going their way.
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