The car story is resolved and Poppy sells a picture!

Radio Times: Someone feels the long arm of the law.

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  • Debbie and Simon are walking some of the wheat fields, which are in fine order apart from some evidence of rabbits. Debbie is more concerned about Brian’s car, currently under the watchful eye of the Met. That’s until her mobile rings. It’s Brian and he wants to know why he’s just had his collar felt at Waterloo and wants to know who reported the Merc stolen and that he’d had trouble convincing the police that he was the one who’d left it there!
  • Lizzie and Nigel are going through the last minute checks before the gallery opening, but the day goes swimmingly. Eddie and Clarrie are there with Poppy who gets her photo taken by the Echo and even sells one of her pictures!
  • Friday’s harvest supper raised almost enough to complete the bells fund – with Jack donating the balance.
  • Everything becomes clear. It seems the Brian and Jennifer broke down, returned to pick up the Merc, told Kate about the situation and then left to head to London to pick up the Eurostar to Paris for the weekend, but Kate’s also been away for the weekend and didn’t tell Debbie before she left. Brian is slightly puzzled over why the car was in the drive when they returned for it though ….
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