Police and thieves.

Radio Times: Police and thieves.

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  • Brenda’s still trying to get seemingly everyone in the village on tape with an opinion about GMOs, although Neil’s headging his bets and being reasonable and seeing both sides – not really interested to the cub reporter! She doesn’t, unsurprisingly, want to hear from Tommy …
  • The harvest supper is going with a swing thanks to Jolene calling the barn dancing and lots of local produce being eaten, Tommy is there and having a good old time, dancing for all he’s worth.
  • Debbie’s not having quite such a good time, she’s concerned about Brian’s Merc. The tracker’s done it’s job and they’re keeping it under surveillance to try and catch the theives, but she’s worried that it won’t be returned in time for Brian not to miss it!
  • Tommy’s also pleased because yesterday’s inspection by Howard Friend’s staff went well, but he’s very worried, more worried than ever. A conversation with Usha has planted seeds of doubt in his mind – if he’s found guilty he’s unlikely to be just fined, he’s likely to be jailed and that could be a six to twelve month sentence and he’s as concerned for the fledgling business as for himself. The car is found but Tommy’s worrying that all might soon be lost for him.