Yup, the car is not in the driveway.

Radio Times: She’s gone.

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  • As if we doubted it … Debbie wakes very early in a blind panic – she remembers not putting the Merc into the garage last night. What’s more, she can’t remember locking it, despite Simon’s protestations that she’ll have locked it automatically, she’s in no mood to be placated, she needs to know.
  • It’s still early and Usha calls on Ruth to see if she wants to go for a drink this evening. Gladly. Anything not to be in the house when Phil and Jill’s turn to watch their choice of TV clashes with one of David’s favourite programmes ….
  • And, sure enough, the Merc has gone. David’s not really helping with his theories about professional car theives. Brian is uncontactable, his mobile’s in the office, and Debbie’s rooting through all the paperwork for the details on the company who own the tracker device in the car. Eventually she locates it but she’s not hopeful that they’ll have positive news by the time Brian returns on Sunday. Debbie seriously doubts Simon’s idea that Kate had something to do with it. She’s worried that it won’t even be in the country come Sunday!
  • Ruth’s avoiding David having volunteered his services to Lynda to play one of the Sherriff’s henchmen in the panto, to which Phil reckons Pip will enjoy that more than David! David, though, has more immediate concerns, getting the new TV he’s bought up and running so as to alleviate some of the disharmonious rota problems.