Family strife and the Merc storyline develops ….

Radio Times: Debbie has fun, fun, fun.

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  • Brian’s loath to let things go and leave with Jenny for their break but he finally does, although not before getting another earful from Caroline over the change in shoot bookings and Greg wondering how he’s expected to cope with (the retired) George goes on holiday in a couple of weeks. David commiserates with Debbie but claims that his family and their rota isn’t any better. Debbie responds with her trump card, Kate …
  • Phil’s working away on the new trackways before he and Ruth drive a tractor toward home (and almost get mown down by Debbie, who’s giving Kate a life to the Tucker’s in Brian’s merc). Ruth and David are due to be cooking tonight – which means Ruth, but in fact it means Jill because Ruth’s tied up with problematic children and, besides, Jill would probably do a better job of it. The rota seems to be causing as many headaches as it’s curing.
  • Debbie returns from her test drive and swears David to secrecy while they round up some sheep let loose by a careless rambler. David doesn’t mind the distraction if it means a little more time away from home. Later, when actually at home, David explains that he was evening later home than he should have been because he’d remembered that Debbie hadn’t put the Merc back in the garage, but when he’d got to the farmyard Debbie must have already left for home and remembered herself to put it away because it was no longer out in the open …….