Sid’s easily led and Poppy is discovered.

Radio Times: Sid feels like dancing.

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  • Sid’s admiring himself in some trousers that he’s not been able to fit into for a while, although Kathy’s not sure that the colour is really up for it! She’s even less sure later when Sid gets sweet-talked into joining in with Jolene’s line-dancing class. Competent he might be, but the pub could do with being run!
  • Poppy’s been very productive recently, although the speculative Eddie is brought back down to earth by Clarrie who reminds him of the various bills due. He’s particularly proud of the mixed media (ie. with added straw) “Worlds Within Worlds”, although Clarrie’s more wondering which planet he’s on.
  • In the bar after line-dancing Eddie reveals the amazing news that Lizzie is actually interesting in Poppy’s portfolio! She’s going to hang all three of the paintings and might even invite her along to the opening on Sunday! Clarrie’s about as convinced of this as she is about Eddie starring at JJolene’s, er, cowboy shirt!