Auditions start and Brian’s infuriating Debbie and Caroline.

Radio Times: Robin Hood, Robin Hood…

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  • Simon spies a familiar face in the Felpersham University Library – Usha’s doing some reading in their law library. She’s taken aback at first because she hasn’t a clue who he is! She’d rather continue with her reading, and is further disturbed by Auntie Satya on the phone calling about Divali arrangements.
  • Brian’s trying to arrange everything before he and Jennifer go on their mystery trip away. Debbie’s not sure that he trusts her to be able to manage, an accusation he strenuously denies.
  • Brian’s also trying to tidy up the shoot bookings, although he does so through Lynda, not Caroline, and the organ-grinder finds that her monkey has been asked to rearrange things in a distinctly sub-optimal fashion and Caroline really rips into Brian for his attempts to take over Grey Gables hotel as well as their shoot.
  • Lynda’s starting her auditions for Babes in the Wood and first up are Debbie and Simon who are trying out as Robin and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Simon’s grasp on popular, panto culture isn’t up to scratch though, as during an improvisational meeting he mistakes Debbie as Robin as a wench and decides to kiss her!
  • Usha, having finished a relaxing swim at the health club, rings Satya and is very happy that her aunt has invited herself to stay during the forthcoming trial!