Peggy’s kids are still not talking.

Radio Times: Peggy says we are family.

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  • Tommy and Tony are doing some shifting around the pigs – Tommy’s concerned that the setup won’t pass the inspection by Howard Friend’s people, due on Thursday. Tony and Pat are sure that he’s got nothing to worry about. Peggy’s over cooking lunch for the family and, when leaving, tries to start to open up communicate lines between her two children – but Bridge and Home Farms are still separated by what’s an increasingly wide divide and Peggy is very concerned about the future. The resolution of the forthcoming trial might be be enough to start healing the rift.
  • Chris’ suggestion of a rota at Brookfield isn’t working so well, although the minor squabbles are, for now, a thing of the past. She and George are off to Guernsey to visit Lillian and to convince George to actually retire!
  • Peggy suggests to Jack, unhappy that he’s still spending time around Awkright Hall (if not actually inside it) that he contact the Landmark Trust, who do up old properties and then maintain them by using the profits from renting them out for holidays.