Tom’s preperations are going well and Jennifer decides to take Brian away for a few days.

Radio Times: Jennifer takes Brian in hand.

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  • Usha and Tommy’s barrister, Adrian Manderson, discuss some of the finer points of his case, specifically the user of marker genes and anti-biotic resistance. The barrister is impressed with Tommy’s potential as a defendant, although Tommy’s not entirely looking forward to his imminent trial. Thinking of it as an exam doesn’t help at all – added to which he’s worried about this prospective deal with Howard Friend too. He might be well prepared and with a good brief, but he wants to get back to being the good farmer he knows he is.
  • Debbie and Brian, while at least talking, struggle to be civil – though she can’t stand him talking about Simon and he can’t avoid the subject. Jennifer decides enough is enough and that they need to have a break. Brian sees through the ruse but agrees that it will be just the thing and agrees that Debbie is perfectly capable of being left in charge. Jennifer won’t, though, tell him where she’s planning on taking him!