Brookfield recognises that there’s a problem, so does Tommy although Helen brushes it off.

Radio Times: Helen says they can deliver.

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  • Tommy and Helen are off to meet Howard Friend, the owner of an organic superstore, and they’re discussing Hayley and John’s possible opinions. Hayley’s chuffed at their opportunity and John would be too, although Helen’s not so sure that John would have been behind Tommy on his raid, even if he’d be behind him in his defence.
  • Phil comments to Chris that his home doesn’t seem his own at the moment, Chris doesn’t have that problem – George is never actually at home, it’s almost like he’s not given up keeping! Ruth’s up at the stables too so as to drop Pip off to spend time with the horses. Ruth’s complaining that she feels like a spare part because her cooking and housekeeping isn’t Jill’s and Chris suggests to her that they need to implement some sort of system so that everyone can live together in harmony. In practice, the TV provides the first roadtest as they all seem to want to sit in the same room and either watch or talk – rumpus then a recognition that something does need to be done.
  • Howard Friend is very keen to stock Bridge Farm Originals in time for Christmas, but the sheer size of his order puts Tommy off, but Helen’s having none of it. She’s sure that the requirement of 100 half-kilo packs a month is within their range, although Tommy is seriously doubtful that their production can stretch to it. Friend wants confirmation that there’s no problem and Helen agrees that there isn’t. Later though, Tommy points out that the only way they can even approach those numbers is to reduce or cut out the sale of pork to Bill, their local supplier. Helen’s happy with this although Tommy’s not so pleased with the lack of loyalty to someone who’s supported them from the start.