Brookfield’s in chaos and Jennifer’s trying to think of ways to win Brian round.

Radio Times: Ruth finds a video nasty.

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  • Phil, David and Ruth are on a works outing to look at another farmer’s grassland in operation and to participate in a discussion group about it. Phil and Ruth very impressed by what they see, but David’s still not convinced by it all.
  • Jennifer and Peggy are enjoying a round of golf and discussing Debbie, Brian and generally passing the time. Jennifer’s pleased that Debbie’s so happy and Peggy generally agrees, although she’s still not happy at their cohabitation. Brian is still the fly in the ointment and Peggy suggests that Jennifer take him away for a few days, perhaps he’ll see reason when a bit more relaxed?
  • Brookfield is not the quietest place to be. Ruth finally puts her foot down and virtually demands that Jill lets her cook supper, the kids, though, are playing up, Pip’s managed to video over one Phil and Jill’s tapes, then Josh jams a biscuit in the video player and there are tempers and tantrums and Jill’s trying to help cook, but Ruth, who’s in demand from Bert with the cows and …. in the end Granny takes Josh, Ruth takes over in the kitchen and Phil comments that sometimes a quiet parental (and grand-parental) life comes from indulging the children. David agrees and says that it works both ways and he’s happy to indulge his father with regard to the trackways on their experimental grazing fields. It’s a big job and might be an expensive white elephant if they don’t continue after this year, but he’s willing to compromise.