Unease at Grey Gables and a bad appointment at Lower Loxley.

Radio Times: Julia meets her match.

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  • Awkright Hall is causing headaches all round, Lynda wants notice posted all over the place to warn guests of the dangers, but her mentioning of period features only surves to provoke curiousity. Caroline would also rather that she didn’t bother Greg with it, it’s not his job. Jack’s around too and wants to redevelop it, although Caroline thinks that pulling it down would be the best idea (and Brian agrees).
  • Nigel wants Julia to take some of the gallery-related strain from Lizzie but when she tries to liase with the artists, one in particular gets all precious about her rearranging the paintings’ positioning (“I’ve never heard as much fuss over six inches”) that Nigel reappoints her to oversee the painting of lines in the car park.
  • Brian wants Caroline’s opinion on the use of a particular field for a shoot for his business buddies, she points him in Greg’s direction and he chastises Brian for driving his landrover around that field because he’s scared all the birds away!