Poppy might be on to something and Sid gets even more reason to be angry at Sean.

Radio Times: Elizabeth gives a cow a pat.

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  • Eddie’s trying to get Poppy to be productive with some of Baggy’s leftover gloss from a previous paint job, Burnt Orange sparks the bovine muse and she’s productive! Later, he takes them to Lizzie and plays the agent. She’s intrigued by the bold strong colours in the one entitled “Half passed four” and the distinctive spirals in “Round About Tea-Time”. When she finds out about the artist, she’s not entirely sure, although when lying in bed that night, the twins keeping her awake, she’s not sure that there might not be something in the idea!
  • Hayley and Lynda are cursing the NHS for Marjorie’s extended wait with Lynda promising to think about what she might be able to do for the panto, prompting is out, naturally. They are joined by Brenda the reporter who’s been lumbered with getting some vox pops of people talking about GMOs and where better than the bull? Alistair’s position is distinctly fence-like, although Lynda definitely anti and she gets some good words into the mike.
  • Alistair’s received confirmation that thanks to an official complaint about their unregistered Kiwis, the Cricket Club have lost the points from their match against Darrington and a further ten on top. Sid the Manager blames Alistair and Alistair the Captain blames Sid, although Sid blames Sean more, so when Sean rang the Bull Sid gave him a real earful!
  • Bar gossip tells us that Brian, left on his own last night, drifted to the Bull and then Grey Gables in a forlorn attempt to find someone to talk to!