Debbie and Brian are at least looking for common ground and Lynda wrests control of the panto.

Radio Times: Supper is in the oven.

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  • Debbie’s at work and while the situation isn’t improving she and Brian are at least talking to each other fairly civilly. Brian’s got additional worries – he’s been called to give evidence for the prosecution in Tommy’s trial.
  • Good news on the panto front, well, more a case of out of the frying pan into the fire as the village hall committee’s letter to Larry Lovell has had the desire effect and Lynda’s been asked to produce the show and she immediately asks Bert to be her assistant. Her first decision is that they should meet later, an appointment she’s late for because she was out walking with Marjorie. Marjorie’s eye-sight is failing but she doesn’t like being a burden. The panto decisions are being made, though, it looks like Babes in the Wood is winning out against Puss in Boats …
  • Brian, at least in private to Jennifer, is recognising that Debbie’s happy although he’s still convinced that Simon’s up to no good and he can’t forget about the last time. He’s been a great step-father to her daughters and Jennifer doesn’t want him to throw it all away over this. He’s a little put out that he’s being left alone to eat as Jennifer prepares to go to Debbie and Simon’s for supper, fully endorsing their decision not to invite Brian, too.