Jennifer’s four-square behind her daughter and the new Brookfield arrangements are not bedding in as well as they might.

Radio Times: Jennifer has some harsh words.

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  • Cohabitation is a new venture and Debbie’s domestication is found lacking, it’s a good job Simon can cook (and knows where the washing machine is)! Future battles are signalled as his reading up into GMOs is starting to bring him around to Kate’s anti perspective. Just another reason for Brian to love him!
  • Brookfield is defintely no longer Ruth’s domain as Jill, in the nicest possible way, is making her feel redundant. David, though, is loving three home-cooked meals a day and having someone else deal with the kids and the washing up is a boon. The fact that the bungalow is unlikely to be ready before well into the New Year is a mixed blessing. He’s less happy with his father who’s continuing to take the grassland experiment as being more permanent than David would like.
  • Debbie and Jennifer meet for lunch and while she’s still suffering from an unapologetic husband and a dubious home atmosphere, Jennifer believes that Debbie has done the right thing and she’s very happy for her. She’s invited for supper on Sunday … alone. Which is fine by her as she wants Brian to realise that he can’t depend on her loyalty any more.