The art world remains ignorant of the next big thing and a solution to the gossiping is found.

Radio Times: The Grundys take notice.

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  • It’s the last week of running the snack wagon and Clarrie’s pleased, although the money’s helped it’s not been enough to cover all their debts although Eddie’s had the bright idea that the artwork he saw yesterday could be worth emulating … later, in the cowsged, he’s trying his hand with some plain paper and a few spare tins of gloss, emulsion and primer! Slurry is the word. Clarrie’s not impressed, she’s more concerned with their notice of the rent – two months to pay. Although when Joe lets a cow slip and some of the paint gets on her tail and splatters onto the paper, the result is a darned sight better than Eddie’s …..
  • Phil’s on a Jason hunt and finds him outside Honeysuckle Cottage and, in that Ambridge way, Lizzie happens to be there too and passes on some detective work to Tim. It appears that Betty, the fount of all village knowledge, suspects that Jason was the root of the broadcasting of Siobhán’s miscarriage. It seems that he’d seen their samples of nursery wallpaper and then, having been kept away for a few weeks, Siobhán was grim and the nursery paper was nowhere to be seen. Having spent a few minutes bringing Tim up to speed on the panto news, the harvert supper and various juicy tidbits, Tim tells Siobhán who is still adamant that it’s different, even if it’s par for the course for village life.
  • Eddie’s at Brookfield looking for contract work and, hearing that Jason could be months at Woodbine Cottage (that’s when he even starts it), he might be able to get some labouring there. The Frys could be in the bungalow well into the New Year.