The village is very small as far as Siobhán’s concerned and the panto is not resolved yet.

Radio Times: Siobhán learns the facts of village life.

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  • Lynda’s in an unusually submissive frame of mind, having been “forced” off the road by a forage harvester en route to Brookfield and quietly submitting to Larry Lovell’s usurping of the panto. She meets Janet and Siobhán outside the shop, having agreed that village life isn’t as quiet as it could be, Lynda passes on her condolences to a surprised Siobhán and leaves. Janet reveals that she knew too.
  • Bert and Freda are very taken with the bungalow, what with the central heating, the easy to clean plastic work surfaces and the electric oven. This is fortunate because the insurance company have instructed Jason to refit Woodbine Cottage so it may be sometime …
  • Siobhán’s visiting Lizzie at the gallery, who’s over-seeing Eddie hefting pictures around before Jill’s arrives to take her to the hospital for her latest scan. Eddie’s amazed at some of the paintings – kiddies with their fingers could daub better – and the prices, several hundred pounds. Siobhán’s disbelieving that people could know of her miscarriage – Janet learned from a church warden in Penny Hassett!
  • Bert was angered to hear that Lynda acquiesced so easily and really gives her what for and shakes her out of her malaise and together they march off in a Christine-ward direction to try and get the village hall committee to agree to not allow Larry to use the booking that wasn’t even made for him.
  • Lizzie’s in good shape, although the regular scans are a little drag and she’s started to feel very large. Jill, though, is less happy with life at Brookfield, Ruth isn’t coping well with Jill doing all the cooking and such.