Marjorie’s operation is postponed and Hayley and Helen gang up on Tommy.

Radio Times: Tommy finds a friend indeed.

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  • Mrs Antrobus, whose eyesight is now so poor that Hayley has to read her mail to her, hears (literally) that the hospital is having to cancel her operation and will have to wait until the new year. Naturally, she’s stoic about this, but everyone else is saddened and angry. Jennifer’s talk of private health insurance might have seemed a little unsympathetic.
  • Tommy needs to arrange a couple of character witnesses and asks Mrs A. She’s flattered and delighted to agree. Hayley suggests herself as another, but he’s not convinced that she’s old and wizened enough!
  • Jennifer’s attempts to get Debbie to even set foot in the house fail (even with Brian not there). They plan to lunch on neutral territory but Debbie’s adamant as to who has to make the first move. She’s tickled to discover that Kate is a big Simon fan.
  • Tommy gets an offer of supplying an organic superstore (the one run by Howard Friend, who had a run in with Pat and Tony a few years ago). He’s not keen, citing potentially getting jailed as the reason. Helen wants him to reconsider, even getting Hayley to give her opinion – Helen and Hayley on the same side? And Helen has conveniently forgotten that she was completely anti the sausages a few months ago ….