Brian’s making fewer and fewer friends and Lynda gets no joy from Larry.

Radio Times: Larry will not budge.

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  • Peggy apologises to Caroline for her behaviour last week, she recognises it was unfair of her to take her anger at Jack out on her.
  • Lynda’s met with Larry Lovell … to no avail. He’s convinced that “the silent majority” of the village would be happier with his being in charge and is not interested in vesting control over to her and, unusually for Lynda, she’s ready to concede defeat.
  • Brian’s trying to get Debbie to see what her leaving the house has done to Jennifer – but Debbie just bats that ball back into his court.
  • Greg’s not in his good books either, being seemingly unavailable too often (although in permanent possession of a mobile, so not that unavailable) and Caroline’s annoyed at his constant pestering of Grey Gables about trivial details relating to the shoot.
  • Debbie’s talking to her grandmother, who denies being on Brian’s side. She reveals that Brian’s claims that she had serious doubts about Simon were just massive exagerations of observations that Debbie would agree with (like his oozingly obsequious charm). Peggy is concerned at the unmarried cohabitation and worried that Brian has forced her into doing something that she wouldn’t have otherwise done.