Debbie and Brian are still at each other’s throats.

Radio Times: Debbie reports for duty.

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  • It’s Jill’s birthday (it’s her 69th, but don’t mention it, she’s not too chuffed with it) and she seems to be doing all the preperations for a big family tea, but she doesn’t mind so much, she’s still happy to be back in her own kitchen.
  • Ambridge’s great victory last week is looking shakey – rumours abound that Darrington are going to complain that the two New Zealanders weren’t registered with the league.
  • Debbie and Simon are discussing a GMO article in the paper (highlighting some of the positive aspects, presumably to balance out the negatives reported via Tommy’s trial) before she leaps out of bed to get to work. She might have left the house, but she’s not left the farm – although she’s later than expected so Brian was expecting the worst and reacting accordingly. Jennifer feels stuck in the middle, but Brian’s not apologising and Debbie (who feels that her mother wants her to make the first move) isn’t go to back down either.