Simon’s meeting with Brian does not go according to plan and Debbie’s off.

Radio Times: One wins, one loses and Debbie decides.

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  • The Lower Loxley oak tree has been dated to 1657 (older than the house) and has had a preservation order placed on it, Lizzie’s not entirely enamoured with this but is resigned to re-planning the car park. At least the gallery is almost ready and looking good although Jill is adamant that, although only 6 months down, she shouldn’t be scaling ladders or hanging pictures. She remembers only too well her heart condition when much younger and is concerned about the stress of twins.
  • Brian calls on Simon at his flat and is not in the mood for pleasantries. He cuts straight to the chase and accuses him of only being interested in her inheritence and that he hasn’t changed in the years since he dumped her and run off. He’s convinced that the track record, and the temporary nature of his university contract and his flat’s lease, only serves to reinforce this view. He threatens him that if Debbie takes him with him permanently that he’ll cut her off without a penny.
  • Debbie is shocked to hear Simon’s report of his conversation with Brian. He’s disappointed as he genuinely thought that he might be able to talk Brian around, but the wall was too strong to batter down and too tall to scale. Debbie reveals that she knew about the gold-digging thoughts but even she was horrified at the talk of disinheritence. She storms back to Home Farm and really lays into her step-father. Brian tries to use the fact that Peggy and Kate have voiced what he heard as doubts, but Debbie’s not listening. She heads upstairs to pack a few things and then she’s off to live with Simon.