Larry’s plans for the pantomime lead to trouble.

Radio Times: Larry’s plans for the pantomime lead to trouble.

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  • The Grey Gables staff are a little stunned by the news about Jack, although the word is that he’s going to be fine, there was a lot of blood, but that was more due to having banged his nose rather than any cuts.
  • Peggy is incredibly unhappy at Caroline, almost blaming her for his accident because she’d not stopped him from getting hold of the keys. Apparently, though, keys were not really necessary – it looked as though a tramp had been dossing there, with cigarette ends, empty cans and girlie magazines strewn about the place. Peggy wants Caroline to organise the securing of the hall, razor wire and all. She’s a little apologetic to Chris about her outburst and they both console each other about husbands not retiring properly (although Shula had already had words with Chris about her not cutting her hours at the Stables).
  • Via Roy, Chris Mills, the Darrington skipper, has voiced whether or not the two Kiwis were registered with the league, Sid’s not confident about it but Alistair’s not around to check.
  • Lynda, obviously a hedgehog expert, is a little put out by the fact that Shula, Alistair and Daniel seems to be dealing competently with their brood of young without her invaluable guidance. Daniel’s proud of being able to make a little one poo and Lynda’s a little taken aback to here that they need to be taught how lest they explode.
  • Lynda’s also on a mission to find out why Larry Lovell is directing this year’s panto. A coup d’etat is on the cards ….