The Home Farm rift continues and Jack has an accident.

Radio Times: Jack is involved in an accident at Arkwright Hall.

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  • Alice’s birthday and the family is celebrating as a single, all-loving unit. Well, not really. Debbie’s shocked that Alice asked for some Gucci loafers for a present (denying that the pny she wanted at that age was similarly priced). Kate doesn’t disapprove of Simon, although Brian hears that sentiment anyway. Simon’s still trying hard, but Brian still isn’t having it – Simon suggests that they meet later in the week at his flat. Debbie tells him about the gold-digging suspicions but Simon’s sure he’s winning.
  • George is helping Greg plug some of the leakage points for the Grey Gables shoot and, while out and about, Greg receives a phone call – it’s from Jack, who’d been visiting Awkright Hall and, when pushing open a door had fallen into some glass ….. a doctor is summoned ….