Clarrie and Eddie’s money problems are hurting their relationship and Tommy and Hayley’s is strained, too.

Radio Times: The Grundys’ financial troubles continue.

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  • Hayley refuses to deliver any more notes, but Tommy really pushs it. When he complains about the separation she reminds him that she loved John which shut him up briefly, but when he continued to ask her to deliver another message she just got up and walked out of the pub!
  • Clarrie and Eddie are not on the best of terms, apparently Edward – on the eve of his fifteenth birthday – got a little ill on Eddie’s moonshine/apple brandy! She’s not happy at his intention to not pay the rent and that their outstanding loan repayments, the immediate cause, are his fault with the harvester incident. He’s in the pub later, too, and when she refuses to serve him and tells him to take his money home, he gets rude and almost abusive as Tommy buys him a pint.
  • Peggy and Jack are round at Home Farm for dinner. Jack’s retirement is not going as Peggy planned. We’re obviously being primed for something as we’re introduced to the tracking device in Brian’s Mercedes, his pride and joy. Alice’s eleventh birthday party tomorrow is not an immediate cause of celebration for Brian, not least because Simon’s been invited to the party! In a quiet moment, he asks Peggy’s opinion of him. She’s even-handed, although agreeing that he is a little too charming and ingratiating, maybe even obsequious, but he’s making Debbie happy. Brian is adamant, he trusts him about as far as he can throw him!