The sharing of Brookfield is going better for some than for others and the new bells are a moving experience for Phil

Radio Times: The millennium bells are cast.

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  • Jill’s loving being back in her own kitchen and has been cooking all day, but Ruth and David are struggling to cope with sharing. Not least the formality of a sit-down evening meal but at also David’s drunken return from the victory celebrations and going into the wrong bedroom!
  • Alistair and Shula are wondering whether taking on the maternal teaching rôle for the baby hedgehogs (feeding them and teaching them to defecate every few hours) is really worth the trouble of keeping Daniel happy!
  • Phil’s been working on the costing of the trackways for their new plans for the grasslands. David’s unsure about the cost but Ruth thinks that the experiment seems to be working and that her conviction is based on evidence not envelopes stuffed with used tenners!
  • Phil, Bert, Janet and Shula visit the foundry to see the new bells, to be named in honour of Tom and Pru, be cast. The process is fascinating but Phil finds it especially moving almost as if he had been watching them be reborn in the bells and about to return home to Ambridge in them.