A winning end to the Ambridge CC season

Radio Times: It’s the last match of the season.

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  • It’s the last cricket match of the season and Darrington seem to have the upper hand and Roy isn’t so unhappy with this! This is thinks in no small part to Chris Mills, another Darrington player who is going well until Dylan, one of Brian’s casual workers coming in and removes him with an unplayable ball and then gets Sean out with the very next ball!
  • Lynda suggests that Bert’s umpiring wasn’t quite up to scratch but he reacts vehemently that she shouldn’t talk, seeing as how she’s left Larry Lovell with control over the panto.
  • The new housing arrangements are, for now, proving popular. Jill’s glad to be home and Bert’s very impressed with the bungalow’s bath-tub!
  • Shula’s off dealing with the baby hedgehogs and Lynda tries to teach Grandmother Alistair how suck these particular hedgehog-tending eggs – ignoring his vetinary abilities in classic Lynda style.
  • Having had one Kiwi do the business with ball, Kyle, the other Kiwi, proceeds to lead with the bat, with Ambridge clinging on to a win by a single wicket in the last over. A great finish to the last game of the season and Ambridge CC invites Darrington to beer in the Bull. A nervous moment before a very happy Sid proclaims that he’s happy to welcome the whole of their team (Sean and all) into his pub.