Debbie and Brian get conspiratorial. Nic gets upset. Will gets a big kiss.

Radio Times: Nic’s hopes are dashed. Meanwhile, Debbie’s ideas begin to take shape.

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  • Flirtatiously, Nic tells Will to make sure he gets home in good time for their special meal before they go to the gig. He assures her that he will, but first he and Brian are going to look over the shoot.
  • Debbie meets David as she calls to say goodbye to Adam. David is eager to hear about the various dairy enterprises she has visited, but Debbie is cautious in what she says. David comments that the mega dairies she is keen on will drag down prices.
  • At Home Farm, Jennifer is in a flap, worried that Debbie will miss her flight. Brian attempts to restore calm by asking about the latest book club choice. Jennifer is soon in grand dame mode again as she sneers at Susan’s choice and her culinary aspirations.
  • Will returns on time as instructed, but finds a tearful Nic. her ex-partner failed to pick up the children and is not answering his phone. Nic’s mum will have them, but is none too pleased with the lack of notice. Meanwhile there is no supper. Will tells Nic to go and get ready while he cooks.
  • With Jennifer out of earshot, Debbie gives Brian the figures he needs. They will be looking at a 1500 cow unit; if only they could get Brookfield on board, it could be 2000. Debbie will return to make a presentation to the BL board. meanwhile neither Jennifer nor Adam must know what they are planning.
  • Nic apologises for her outburst, and thanks Will for a lovely meal, and for being Will Grundy. She kisses him and tells him she loves him.

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