Debbie and Simon arrange to meet, but Tommy’s not going anywhere for a while as his bail application is refused.

Radio Times: Debbie relents.

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  • Tommy’s up before the beak, the charge is read out, his Not Guilty plea entered, the magistrate agrees to transfer the case to the crown court and, having already spent the night in the cells, makes it even worse by refusing him bail and remanding him in custody. The worry is that, despite Usha’s protestions, he poses a danger of repeat offending. Usha will have a chance to re-apply for bail next week and, later, just puts it down to a grouchy JP.
  • In the gallery, his parents and grandmother are trying to be strong and stoic, but are very worried for him. Pat especially, is not dealing with the situation at all well. While Peggy cannot condone his behaviour, she does think that the family needs to pull together and support him.
  • Simon (Gerrard, not a return of the dreaded Pemberton) rings Debbie and while she’s firm in placing any potential meeting in the platonic, “just friends” category, she does agree to meet him tomorrow for lunch and to act as a guide to the teeming metropolis of downtown Felpersham.
  • Tony and Tommy meet in the remand centre and while Tommy is adamant that he’s not planning on changing his plea, Tony calmly tries to get his son to face up to the reality of the situation (a reality that, last night in the police cell, was all too uncomfortably real). While it’s noble to stand up and be counted, Tony wonders where Tommy’s fellow activists will be when Tommy gets locked up for two years? Tommy’s fear is all too painfully apparent.