Debbie meets up with her old flame and Eddie and William are still trying to hide the truth about the repayments from Clarrie.

Radio Times: Jennifer feels remorse.

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  • Clarrie’s holding the fort in the dairy and, when Eddie calls around to offer himself for a bit of work, she’s generally unamused and raises the issue of William’s money (again). Eddie (unsurprisingly) isn’t so concerned, but promises to talk to him, which he does, but asks him to make up a suitable story!
  • William, now in full-on post-exam mode, is off out this evening to see a band in town.
  • Debbie and Jennifer discuss Tommy and while Jennifer’s feeling worse about than she worse, she’s not about to apologise (she didn’t cast the first stone after all) and Brian’s all for incarceration! Debbie avoids telling her about her lunch date …
  • Eddie, having almost run down a jogging Sid, gets roped in to the Bull’s fê viking raft team, which Sid doesn’t want to lose to Myerson.
  • Debbie meets up with a distinctively unCanadian sounding Simon. Eight years on and they eventually talk personal. He’s had a few jobs and managed to throw away a fairly serious relationship in a drunken adulterous moment and he’s started to spologise for his actions, a revelation it seems. He’s surprised both that she’s living at home and that’s she’s chosen farming and they leave on friendly terms.