Clarrie uncovers the truth and George is feeling proud of his medal recognition.

Radio Times: William spins a line.

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  • William’s evening out is now the morning after an Clarrie’s used to not doling out sympathy. He spins her a line about lending money to a mate, but behind the scenes Clarrie checks up and finds out it’s completely untrue and confronts Eddie with horror theories about drugs and alcohol, but he spill the beans. She’s unhappy with him for not trusting her, but she’s happy to continue the deal, proud of her son’s maturity and loyalty.
  • Greg and George are still praising each other, George is still chuffed with his award and, cajoled into it by Jack, Chris and Greg, is also going to accept in an invitation to talk about his work at the Game Fair when he collects his long service medal.
  • The money worries that mean Eddie can’t repay William continue, as the forage harvester compmany re-iterate their demands for £3000 – only for an unrepentant Eddie to file the letter in the wastebasket!