Tommy’s not enjoying incarceration, but is coping, and Debbie getting a little light ribbing over relationships.

Radio Times: Neil hears a declaration.

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  • Jill’s coming around to the idea of the viking longships race at the fê, although she’s less convinced by Eddie’s axe-throwing idea. She’s also a little sceptical about Lizzie’s story that Julia’s got a new boyfriend (Louis, the architect involved with Lower Loxley’s gallery plans) and is knitting a shawl for one of the twins!
  • Hayley’s taken back the rôle of chief child-minder from Phil, who’s back working on the farm, and she’s helping at the PYO … without a silly costume, though.
  • Lizzie and Debbie are lunching at Grey Gables and mid-gossip about her lunch, they’re interrupted by Usha who’s also in a chipper bloke mood, acting determined to get on with her own life! After lunch, Lizzie and Debbie go shopping for posh frocks and, with Lizzie continuing to tease her about her rendezvous, the phone rings and …. you guessed it. He wouldn’t mind a hand flat-hunting …
  • Neil’s going to visit Tommy and gives Jill a lift, Hayley visited him earlier though. All the visitors are really cheering him up as he’s very down. First Jill questioned his plans, but Neil was understanding (surprisingly more than Susan) and Tommy said that, as bad as it was, he wasn’t going to change his plea.